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Status: available
Designer: MetroShed
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MetroCabin was developed in direct response to those customers looking for a larger pre-fab modern space. MetroCabin is a livable 16 feet deep by 20 feet wide multi-use open plan space.

The MetroCabin is Transportable Architecture; a distinctive pre-fab structure built in a factory and assembled by our team or you on your site. It's a livable getaway cabin, a studio, an extra room, a cabana, or a mountain retreat. The simple and sophisticated design allows it to exist easily in an urban setting, while the quiet strength and sturdy attitude are comfortable in a more rugged environment.

The MetroCabin is not a low quality "KIT"; this unique space comes with the wall panels pre-assembled. All other parts are precision cut. It's engineered to exacting specifications and built with the highest quality materials. 2 people can assemble the cabin in about 3 days.

Style: modern
Materials: Wood
Construction method: kit of parts
Variations of this model
12' x 16' $17,460 190 sf 1 0-1 1
16' x 20' $32,500 320 sf 0-1 0 1
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