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Jeriko House

Company type: Designer

Jeriko House is a Louisiana based company providing the finest in pre-fabricated modular-component housing. Utilizing the most innovative system in the home building industry, Jeriko is able to deliver homes with great functionality, performance, and versatility combined with cutting edge design; both timeless and timely.

We at Jeriko House regard our building system as a platform, akin to the platforms of computers, that allows us to collaborate with suppliers, designers, and builders in radically new ways, providing expanding opportunities for home buyers to customize a home to their benefit and new opportunities for those in the home building and products industries to innovate. We are committed to realizing the full potential of this new technology, for every segment of the housing market and many other building markets as well. We aim to do for housing what the personal computer did for information technology. And we are determined to do this in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, incorporating the best and latest in sustainable technology and establishing high standards for work safety and home healthfulness. At Jeriko House, our goal is to bring the craft of home building fully into the 21st Century.


Status: available
Jeriko House modern $487,250-$1,728,000 1,949-4,320 sf 2-3 1-3.5 kit
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