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Jeriko House

Status: available
Designer: Jeriko House
Image for Jeriko House

Jeriko House designs are the result of careful thought and creative solutions in response to the demand for a higher standard in home building.

There is a delicate balance between design and function, strength and flexibility; Jeriko house is superior in both concept and execution.

Style: modern
Materials: Wood, Stone
Construction method: kit of parts
Variations of this model
Jeriko_Caleb 3/3.5 $1,080,000-$1,728,000 4,320 sf 3 3.5 2
Jeriko_Jude 3/3 $508,000-$812,800 2,032 sf 3 3 1
Jeriko_Jude 3/3.5 $1,000,000-$1,728,000 4,320 sf 3 3.5 2
Jeriko_Luke 2/1 $487,250-$779,600 1,949 sf 2 1 2
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