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Modernist Modular Homes

Company type: Designer

We are currently involved with Modernist modular projects from Florida to California. Each project is designed to be “site specific”, according to the clients needs, the challenges of the building site and local/state building codes. We’ve selected well established modular manufacturers in key locations throughout the United States to produce our designs. Every project provides unique challenges.


Status: available
Ein-Zwei modern $90,000-$400,000 750-3,000 sf 1-4 1-3.5 modules
Kuhl Haus modern $39,875-$47,125 319-377 sf 1 1 modules
Modhaus modern $153,000-$354,000 1,334-2,827 sf 2-4 2 modules
Uberwasser modern $72,000-$227,000 600-1,680 sf 1-2 1-2 modules
Status: unknown
[12]-Series modern - 432 sf - - modules
[b]ranch-house traditional or modern - 1,363-2,089 sf 3-6 2-5 modules
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