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Horden Cherry Lee Architects

aka: micro-compact home ltd.

Company type: Designer
p: +44 20 7495 4119
f: +44 20 7493 7162

The pursuit and interpretation of 'light' is the core of Horden Cherry Lee Architects' design.

Lightness and lightweight are our prime aesthetic and functional objectives. We explore how to achieve more with less, how to optimise visual and technical lightness, how to minimise our use of materials, and how to make buildings 'touch the earth lightly'.

Physical lightness, the effect of light on form, the aesthetics of light and colour, lightness in relation to energy and the environment all combine to generate an architecture the aim of which is to achieve a 'social lightness' - one which does not weigh heavily on society and the environment.

We seek to build delicate frameworks that house spaces for imagination and interpretation, filled with light, places which inspire, where volume and nature can be viewed, where people can live, work, communicate and move through with a lightness of spirit.


Status: available
m-ch modern $37,000-$50,000 74 sf 1-2 1 modules
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