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Blu Homes

Company type: Designer

Blu Homes is a designer and builder of innovative, sustainable homes...service and convenience for our customers are our top priorities. We streamline the often difficult home-building experience to give customers what they want through customization of their homes, technology that enables them to preview their homes on any given site, transparency in their homes’ lifecycle costs through detailed energy models, and more …


Status: available
Balance modern $125,000-$195,000 840-1,150 sf 2 1 modules
Evolution modern $200,000-$250,000 1,450 sf 3 1.5 modules
Glidehouse™ modern $168,000-$615,000 672-2,240 sf 1-4 1-3 modules
Origin modern $65,000-$280,000 450-1,650 sf 0-4 1-4 modules
Sunset Breezehouse™ modern $450,000-$610,500 1,800-2,220 sf 2-4 2-2.5 modules
mkLotus™ modern $175,000-$250,000 725 sf 1 1 modules
mkSolaire™ modern $457,500-$516,450 1,830-1,878 sf 3-5 2-3.5 modules
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