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Status: prototype
Image for System3

'System3' was developed as an innovative building system for future demands - especially concerning mobility, flexibility, and sustainability. 'System3' houses are moveable, expandable and suitable for lifelong use.

The system is based on the separation of a building into "serving space" and "naked space."

The "serving space" is a completely prefabricated serving unit that provides all staircases, kitchens, baths, installations, electricity, heating, and cooling systems for the entire building. The "naked space" (space that is only defined by the placed furniture, such as living or sleeping rooms) is formed by "naked elements": solid slabs of, skin. All "naked" elements are also prefabricated and are delivered directly from factory to building site, where everything can be assembled in a few days.

Style: modern
Materials: Wood, Glass
Construction method: complete modules

Additional images:

View of the pieces that come together to make up a System3 home.
A breakdown of what goes into the skin for a System3 home.
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