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Kieran Timberlake LivingHomes

Status: available
Designer: LivingHomes, Kieran Timberlake

Our most affordable LivingHomes, the KT line are designed to fit on small, urban lots. The use of decking and light corridors provide outdoor space and natural, indoor light even in the most dense of urban environments. Rooms and entire floors can be added as your living needs change.

Style: modern
Construction method: complete modules
Variations of this model
KT1.1 $219,300 1,020-2,160 sf 1-4 1-3 -
KT1.2 $252,625 1,175-1,986 sf 1-2 1-2 -
KT1.3 $254,775 1,828-1,858 sf 1-3 1-2 -
KT1.5 $465,300 2,068-2,275 sf 2-3 2-3 -
KT2 $284,900 1,540 sf 2 2 -
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