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E Cube SR Series Wings

E Cube

Status: available
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The E Cube housing system has twice the energy efficiency of comparable houses built to standard code requirements. E Cube houses meet or exceed all other Code requirements. Jenesys maintains a core commitment to the extensive use of environmentally sustainable products.

Features include:

  • Superinsulated walls and roof

  • Floors to crawl space-6 inch SIPS (R 30)

  • Fibre-cement panel cladding - rainscreen application

  • Exterior sun screens

Style: modern
Materials: Concrete, Wood
Construction method: kit of parts
Variations of this model
E-1398 $90,800-$113,300 1,398 sf 2-3 1.5 2
E-1574 $99,800-$126,500 1,574 sf 2 1.5 2
E-2244 $142,400-$171,500 2,244 sf 3 2 2
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